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Consistent quality at keen prices

When you buy a car from West Wycombe Motors you have the reassurance of knowing we only sell cars that meet certain minimum standards. Typically, each car you will see has:


  • Had no more than two previous owners
  • Been validated to ensure the mileage shown is genuine
  • Low mileage (less than 60,000 miles) on the clock although many are what is known as ‘ultra-low mileage’ (less than 20,000 miles). We do occasionally sell models with higher mileage that we have taken in part exchange.


"Ridiculously Good" Standards Of Preparation

At West Wycombe Motors beauty goes more than skin deep. We go to far beyond our competitors to ensure the quality and safety of each of our cars. In fact, we believe we invest more money in vehicle preparation than anyone else on the market today. As part of our stringent preparation process stand out checks include:


  • Servicing the engine, changing the engine oil and filter using the highest grade of oil possible – a fully synthetic oil (5W30 API SN/CFDexos2 TM), which is ofton charged at a premium. Even Network Q does not go this far within its 114 point inspection plan.
  • Prior to carrying out the engine oil change, a Vauxhall approved Engine Cleansing Agent (flush) is added to the old oil. The engine is then run for 30 minutes prior to draining out the old oil. This process reliably removes oil soluable contaminants and sludge deposits from the engine oil system, protects against engine damage from blocked up oil channels and holes, and lubricates components during the cleaning process.
  • Vauxhall approved Brake Paste coating is applied to brake discs, pads and calipers on cars fitted with alloy or structured wheels, to provide effective corrosion protection, which is highly resistant to pressure and temperature and is resistant to to external influences such as splashing and salt water.
  • Vauxhall approved Fuel System Microflex Cleaner is added to fuel system to clean injectors, fuel lines & tank. This stops oxidation of fuel system, removes moisture from fuel, has keep clean technology, adds microscopic coating to prevent re-contamination of injectors, fuel lines & tank, reduces emmissions, and improves fuel consumption. In the case of diesel cars, the product kills micro organisms and elliminates build up of diesel bug, a bacteria that can cause severe damage to the fuel system.
  • Ensuring all four tyres are top quality and in tip top condition – vital for good road holding – and, what’s more that they are a premium (not budget) brand.
  • Checking the tread depth and replacing the tyre(s) if it is below 4mm even though the legal minimum is 1.6mm and Network Q require only 3mm.
  • Thorough inspection that extends to removing the vehicle wheels to strip down, clean and adjust the brakes, fitting any new parts necessary.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but demonstrates the attention to detail that ensures all our cars are of a consistently high quality. Our ethos is that we will sell only cars that we would be happy to sell to a friend or family member. And that level of trust is why so many of our customers also rely on us for Aftercare services.